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Company profile

ORIZON-NAVIGATION is the leading company in Ukraine in the field of GNSS technologies R&D and production.

Main activities are: R&D in the field of navigational technologies, design and manufacturing of GNSS equipment. The main focus is multisystem GPS/GLONASS/SBAS technologies and user equipment. The range of activities includes the following user segments:
GPS/GLONASS/SBAS receivers for maritime, aviation, road transport
DGPS/DGLONASS equipment according to RTCM requirements
GPS/GLONASS/SBАS signal simulators
GPS/GLONASS survey equipment
GPS/GLONASS time synchronization equipment for CDMA and DECT communication services.

 Main results relate to the following areas:
• in-house designed Front End and signal processing technology for multisystem receivers
• in-house designed GPS/GLONASS antennas for static and dynamic application
• in-house designed SW and Firmware for GNSS receivers
• chipset for GPS/GLONASS receiver

1. The multisystem is possibility of work both on all together and on each individually to the global navigation systems of  GLONASS (Russia) and GPS (USA), in the prospect of GALILEO (ЕС) and COMPASS (China), and also possibility of the use of their functional additions of EGNOS (ЕС), WAAS (USA), MSAS (Japan) of and other

2. The professionalness is accordance to the standards, to the documents, to the special requirement specifications, etc.

3. Reliability, exactness and enhanceable antijammingness of apparatus.  Built-in algorithm of control of integrity with the exception of the unreliable measuring. Integration  with the external sensors of course, speeds, heights, etc.

4. High quality of development, making and warranty maintenance of products. Complete cycle of development and production, including. tests and reception under control the representative of customer, certificated system of management of quality on the standard of ISO 9001.

5. Own (only on Ukraine) development of all constituents of apparatus - circuit technology, construction, software. Own receiver of signals of the satellite systems. Informative and technological independence on the basis of own scientific and technical achievements.

6. Individual going near the requirements of every consumer, realization in the apparatus of the special requirements of consumer, for example Baikal

7. Use of modern methods of tests on the base of simulator of signals GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/EGNOS. Verification in the laboratory terms of the most different scenarios of motion (marine, aviation, ground) and terms of work of apparatus.

   All the above equipment is certified.

ORIZON-NAVIGATION has developed and manufactured more than 30 different types of equipment. All products have been certified for conformance with current standards

 ORIZON-NAVIGATION quality management system is ISO 9001 certified for design, development and manufacturing of user equipment for satellite navigation systems and other electronics equipment.

ORIZON-NAVIGATION is licensed by National Space Agency of Ukraine for development and manufacturing of components for ground space infrastructure.

ORIZON-NAVIGATION is certified by Ministry of Transport of Ukraine as a test and validation laboratory for Maritime GPS/GLONASS receivers.

The staff of the company is 410 employees including 140 employees of the Design Department..
About 30% of equipment is produced under federal contracts, more then 50% of equipment complies  MIL quality standards.

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